Please follow all these rules. An Administrator has the full right to suspend your account on this wiki for a certain length of time for breaking one of these rules.

1) All pages should have the first letter capitalized ( proper english )

2) Pages less then 300bytes will be considered stubs.

3) Pages should be organized, and have categories.

4) Pages should be about the products of Alienware, the company, related items, and certain computer articles.

5) All pages for yourself should be in the user namespace ( i.e: User:<insert name here>/PAGE )

6) For the purpose of the wiki, all spelling should be in American English, ( example, color not colour )

7) All spam articles ( irrelevant ) will be deleted and the author of that article will be warned or banned.

8) Articles should be put into paragraphs.

9) Generally, most articles should try to have an image.

10) No one may claim ownership of a page, as it is in Wikia servers.


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