• Lunix68

    Helping Out

    March 26, 2012 by Lunix68

    Hey there, we can always use help! If your not sure where or how to start editing, feel free to look at the following help pages:

    • Help:Wiki Basics
    • Help:Recent Changes
    • Help:Contributing

    Heres a list of things you can help do across the Alienware wiki..

    • Create pages for Alienware desktops/or expand pages on alienware desktops
    • Create pages for Alienware laptops/or expand on pages on alienware laptops
    • Expand on Alienware software pages ( i.e: Alienware Command Center )
    • Edit information, ( don't copy from wikipedia )

    Be sure to..

    • Stay neutral ( i.e Alienware is undoubtly the best type of computer.. )
    • Don't advertise ( i.e: You can buy an alienware for a discount price of ___ )
    • Clarify information
    • Expand on information
    • Make sure informaton is up to date

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